A Thankyou to the Hesley Foundation

The Hesley Group - Enabling People With Social Needs To Achieve Their Full Potential

Although the Webmag has earned some income from advertising, its main source of support over the last six and a half years has been grants and sponsorship from foundations and other organisations who want to see it succeed and continue to deliver a service.

We would like to thank the Hesley Foundation for their recent grant, which will enable the Webmag to register as an independent charity. The Board has plans for the development of the Webmag, and charitable status will enable approaches to be made to grant-giving bodies, so that the Webmag’s potential can be fulfilled.

Having independent charitable status does not mean that the Webmag will be going it alone. It will still be working in close partnership with the Centre for Children and Youth at the University of Northampton, and will still be seeking regular contributions from partners such as the Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care. Any organisation interested in joining the partnership should contact the Editor.

Once more, a big thankyou to Hesley.

David C. Lane, Editor, on behalf of the Children Webmag Editorial Board

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