Issue no. 7 the goodenoughcaring Journal is now online!

Our new issue is a rich mix of the personal, the professional, the imaginary and the creative in childhood, child care and parenting.

John Burton writes about the running and working of children’s homes.

Tiffany Dawkins tells a short story about a girl, her boyfriend and her Harley Davidson.

Thom Garfat explores emotional containment as he remembers an afternoon spent with “Jason”.

David Lane catalogues  the history of our changing concepts of child care and childhood.

John Molloy makes a personal survey of the state of social care for children in Ireland.

Jane Kenny describes her experience of keyworking in a residential setting.

John Stein examines the meanings of “consequences” in the parenting and care of children.

Jillian Viens counsels caution on the use of the phrase “I love you” when caring for other people’s children.

Ted Woolvett writes about his childhood in the 1930s and 1940s and how his  identity changed at the age of 63.

In an interview with Charles Sharpe,  Leon Fulcher and Thom Garfat talk about CYC-NET, training for child and youth care workers, foster carers and  residential child care, reflective practice and supervision.

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