Young Vision 2020: Messages

The main message is that every young person has their own views. Just like older people, they are individuals, with their ideas about life, and they are fascinating to read. Some are optimistic, some are pessimistic, Some write about dreams and fantasies; some are hard-headed and realistic. Some take a world view; some thinks of their own circumstances. There are a few general messages which emerge.

Concern about the environment has clearly spread round the world. It is not long back in human history that it took years to share ideas with people the other side of the world. Now, thoughts are shared with somebody 8,000 miles beneath your feet as quickly as if they were in the next room. The significance of climate change has been shared world-wide.

There is also cynicism about politics. It is not just a question of the low level of trust in people in power, whom some see as lying and looking after their own interests. There is also some sympathy for their predicament, and while some young people write idealistically about what they would hope to do, others say that they have nothing constructive they could offer.

Although there is fear of illnesses, economic problems and war, the overwhelming message is one of hope, and trust that problems will be dealt with, and that is good news.

So far we have had a couple of dozen contributions, and their quality shows that it will be interesting to have a lot more. If you know someone who would like to have their say, or if they want to comment on the contributions we have published, please encourage them.

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