Young Vision 2020: Romania

Dya Diana, age 17, Otelu-Rosu, Romania

How do envisage the world will look like over 10 years?

I think 10 years isn’t that much. In my opinion the world will still be the same, – maybe some medical progress besides the climate changes.

In what respect do you think it will change?

As I said, some changes will occur in the field of medicine, maybe financial or climate changes, and maybe we will have flying cars. I hope so!

What hopes do you have?

I hope for the world health, God’s blessing and peace to everyone.

What fears have you for the next 10 years?

My biggest fear is that these new diseases will spread in the world making everybody sick. Global warming is also a big problem.

What do you hope to happen in the next 10 years?

I hope we will be able to travel much farther in space and discover new worlds. Also I hope that scientists will discover a cure for cancer and AIDS.

What would you like to tell the politicians?

They should stop lying and the people will be able to live in harmony.

What would you like to do if you were a leader?

I would like to make a use for my budget as leader by helping people with needs and making a lot of working places.

Ramona, 16 years, Bucharest, Romania

Our World

I hope that after ten years, the world will just not look the same. I don’t hope the world will be pink. I hope that the world will not just destroy itself after 10 years of destruction of the world with atomic bombs, smoke, factories and barely green places. I hope that after another 10 year of civilization the countries will not be in war, will not lie so much like now. I hope that in every place in the world there will be a green place and I hope technology will come in the sub-developed countries.

I am afraid that a lot of people don’t know how to live together with the others if you put different cultures or religions in the same place. I am afraid that if we lose the green places, we will make vegetables and fruits by hand like wax fruits for the display. We will die rapidly with drastic causes.

I would like to tell to the people who are in power that they should listen to us, the people they are supposed to care about. Our opinion should matter more to them. They should know that green places should be everywhere, that peace should be permanent, that we should all care about our planet, about the poor who have no shelter or food, about the ignorant who do not know how to read or how to write, about the rich who never stop to think about how their indifference kills the world. Instead, we produce cigarettes and atomic bombs, we create terrorists and wars, we destroy this heavenly place that our planet is.

If had power I would forbid cigarettes, I would try to rebuild schools and I would try to bring prosperity and calm in my country and for its countrymen.

Ionut Ovidiu, 16 years, Bucharest, Romania

The Promises of the Future

Throughout the ages, the world has undergone vast changes, though not necessarily good ones. For example, the Middle Ages was a period of great decline in culture, science and relationships between countries. It was, unlike the ancient period, which was dominated by the Greek culture and the Roman Empire, marked by bloody wars, slow scientific advancement and horrible diseases.

Nowadays, however, we live in a peaceful age, an age of permanent change, of immense cultural diversity and of rapid scientific progress. In spite of economical difficulties, the world still registers steady progress. In the past decades mankind has made staggering progress: 50 years ago nobody would have believed that by 2010 humans everywhere would be linked by the massive network that is the Internet.

The relationship between various states has also greatly improved in the past few decades through discussions, treaties and trade. Organisations such as the UN also aid the less fortunate nations to overcome their difficulties. However, there is a downside to globalisation and increased population migration rate: people tend to lose their customs and abandon the traditions. As for the year 2020, I believe that the next ten years will hold great technological advancements, as well as greater unity.

Will the twenty-first century witness the colonisation of foreign planets and of deep space? Or will we succumb to deadly diseases and economic crises, and destroy all that was achieved by our forbears? I personally believe that the twenty-first century holds great things for mankind. Whether I’m right or not, that remains to be seen.

Remus, 17 years, Bucuresti, Romania

The World Over 10 Years

Over ten years the Earth will have one continent named Ameuroasiau , and its leader will be Obama.

There will be flying cars and to ride them we will need just water and some time on the old one oil.

The people will live peacefully with the aliens, in flying houses and the poor people will live in old houses on the ground.

There won’t be any offenders because the police will be formed by robocops.

Food will be made with pills that are mixed with water instead of real food. There will also be treatments for cancer and SIDA.

The rich people will have houses on the Moon and Mars and they will drive space ships. I hope there will be cheap cars and houses free entrance in the clubs, tuned cars that can be driven to the sky, under and on the water, legal races and beautiful girls.

I am afraid of the robots and monkeys because one will be controlled by them by the computer or by the animals. I hope I will be the owner of the Moon and half of Mars, and I also want to help the poor people and aliens around the universe. I will ask governments to reduce the taxes and for the food to be free. If I become president I will take the rich people’s money and give to the poor people. I will destroy all the polluted factories and make the world like a heaven.

Well, I don’t have any expectations or hopes. The world will change on its own. Of course the technology will evolve but I don’t think that the world will change so much that it would be unrecognisable. What hopes do I have? As I said before I don’t have any hopes concerning the world in 10 or a hundred years. For myself, I expect that in 10 years I will have a diploma and a job. I don’t know what I fear. A lot could happen in 10 years. What would I like to say to those who have the power? Well nothing much; they wouldn’t listen anyway. I wouldn’t like to have the power; it’s just too much of a responsibility and personally, I can barely take care of myself.

Anastasia, 16 years, Bucharest, Romania

Children’s Hopes and Dreams

Up to a certain age every child is dreaming and hoping that the fairy tale he lives in is true. He never wants to wake up from the dream he’s living in. I don’t know if I’m still dreaming, if I am in that fairy tale anymore but I am hoping that the fairy tale really exists.

Adults come to us with many questions like, “How do you see the world in 10 years?” I think I’ll see it the way I am now but harder and more complex than now. The changes won’t be that big. I mean, yes, the climate is changing but that doesn’t have to affect us in any way.

I hope that in 10 years the technology would be more advanced than now. I don’t know – maybe flying cars or even housekeeping robots. Let’s face it, now as I am writing, somewhere in the world something new is being invented, so in 10 years thousands of things will be invented.

My parents ask me almost every day, “What are my hopes for my life?” I can say that I have really high hopes for my life. Like…I hope to become a worldwide known doctor, and having a healthy and happy family. I also fear that maybe my hopes and dreams can’t be accomplished in 10 years, I fear about failing my parents, and I fear that the world will change so much that I won’t be able to keep up with it.

Once in a while when I look at the news almost every time I get upset by the things that are happening in our country – mostly the things that are happening in the field of politics. Every candidate that wants to be the president promises to raise our salaries and so many things that I can’t remember, but none of them can keep their promises. If I were the president of this country I think I’d make promises that I can keep and I think I’d come up with solutions to resolve the economical crisis.

Every adult still hopes deep in their heart that the fairy tale exists somewhere in the world.

Popa Andreea, 16 years, Romania

This Is the World that We Live In

Time is like the wind: you can’t see it, but you can feel it. You feel it when you grow up, have kids and your kids start their own family and you’re old and grumpy, your bones and joints hurt and you’re not in the mood for having fun when your grandchildren ask you to play with them. But you look around and realise that something’s changed. You look out the window, at the alley you live on and you see a lot of expensive cars, but you don’t mind, you’re actually used to the smell of gasoline and the noise of wheels sounds familiar to you. Then you start thinking that there are cars parked on the alley and people travel by buses and airplanes, and not by carts, like they used to when you were 20 years old. You wonder where those ages flew and how time just passed by you like a train.

And sometimes it just happens for you to miss that train, because it’s true what they say, “Life won’t stop and the world won’t turn upside down for your grief”. And one morning you just wake up and think that you’re 80 years old and you didn’t accomplish anything in this life, you have no joy, you have no one to spend the rest of your days with. And you realise that in time everything changes. Starting with people’s perspective of life and ending with technology.

It’s true, in time, all things change. And we have proof: just look back at the 80s and compare those times with our current year. There are so many differences between these two periods of time that it would probably take me a novel to write them all. And even so, with all this new technology we don’t have cures for AIDS and blood cancer, we can’t stop pollution, we’re in the middle of an economical crisis, and we’re battling with an epidemic swine flu.

And the worst part is that we aren’t doing anything to stop all of these things that harm us. My point is that if we don’t stop these things, a part of this world will be destroyed in 10 years. According to the Mayan calendar, this world is not supposed to end until later on. And I imagine myself living in a ten year older world that’s better. I see myself waking up in the morning and actually breathing fresh air. I imagine that the world would start caring for their own kind. I see a non-poverty world, with people that can afford buying a computer, having a house and a car, I see a world where all parents can afford education for their children, where all parents let their children go to school instead of treating them like garbage and forcing them to stay at home and milk the cows. I see a world where all animals have a shelter, like everybody else.

Maybe I’m not a realist, but I like to think that we can make this world a safer, cleaner and happier place. But it’s only up to us if we want to change the environment we live in. And why shouldn’t we try to make this world a better place? Some people say that we should be indifferent, we shouldn’t care about what’s happening around us, that we should mind our own business. But all that’s happening around us is directly affecting us, even if we don’t see it. Like this economical crisis. It started on a part of the globe and has been hitting all corners of the world since then. I don’t have enough power to change what’s wrong, but together we have more than enough power to do good. I think that’s my message for the politicians.

If I were a politician I honestly think that I’d be scared. I wouldn’t know what to do, because when you know that the world is relying on you and if you make a wrong move, you’ll be judged harshly, you kind of panic and start thinking what to do first to make things right. But I think that I’d fight for what’s good and I’d point out my ideas and I’d stand up for what I believe in. And I’d hope to turn things around, start a new age, a better one.

Yes, I know that I’m a dreamer, but I also know that I’m allowed to dream and to have my own beliefs. I’ve always hoped for the best and I’ve always fought for my rights and stood up for what I believed in. And I think that everyone should do that, every human being has rights and we’re equal to each other. I think that this is the start of a better world and this is how I imagine a 10 year older world… a true fighter.

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