“Luke Gets Wishes: A Playful New Children’s Book

With childhood reading seeing a huge resurgence, it makes sense for literature to become a vehicle for helping youngsters confront and address many of the issues they’ll face in life. UK author Jennifer Molly has taken this to heart, with an uplifting and whimsical new book.

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However, ‘Luke Gets Wishes’ is so much more than a fictional story, as its young protagonist deals with many issues that could easily be playing out in readers’ lives.

The first of many stories about a lonely, poor, young boy called Luke and how he accidentally stumbles upon magic. Join him as he makes new friends in his new school and tag along as Luke learns how wishes make magical adventures. Lets just hope he doesn’t get into too much trouble!

“Luke is having a pretty hard time at home, there’s no denying it. His dad has moved away, he has moved schools and now has to make an entirely new group of friends. But of course, when he discovers magic, he becomes the coolest kid on the playground!”

Says the author

“I wanted to write something highly relatable; something children could see mirroring their own lives, and even a story they can find solace in. Luke’s story is highly motivational and inspiring!”

‘Luke Gets Wishes’, from ShieldCrest, is available to buy now: http://amzn.to/2sWtTJp.

Retail price: £9.50


About the Author:

The author loves telling stories, writing stories and reading stories. She lives at home with her mom, 2 brothers and lots of animals. Jennifer Molly would never go to sleep unless she got a bedtime story! Her mom says Jennifer has an imagination bigger than the moon and all the stars which is wonderful!




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