New Book Bucks The Trend: Cuddles’ First Adventure

While reading is currently more popular than ever among young children, many adults are disenchanted with modern storybooks and their tendencies to focus on toilet humour, epic battles of good versus evil, and horror. Thankfully, British writer Julia Kay is bucking all trends with gusto, using her debut novel to hark back to a more innocent, traditional era of children’s literature.

Cuddles’ First Adventure’ is unlike anything else on the market – teaching children about friendship, caring and the value of looking out for loved ones.

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Abbie loves her toy rabbit, Cuddles. They go everywhere together until, for the first time ever, they get separated. Cuddles is summoned away by someone very important, and, in spite of his concern for Abbie, the brave little rabbit agrees to be taken. How will he cope with this situation? How will he get back to the little girl who loves him so much? And, indeed, why is he needed so far away from home?

Cuddles’ First Adventure” is a delightful story, lavishly illustrated in watercolours by the author, who says:

“Many young children now read to themselves – and this book is designed to be both basic enough for most children to tackle, as well as engaging enough to have it read to them, I also illustrated it throughout, with bold and stunning artwork that really lifts the story from the page and brings it to life. Initial reader feedback has been extremely positive. I can’t wait to see where the book goes, and fully intend to continue writing for a long, long time.”

‘Cuddles’ First Adventure’, from New Generation Publishing, is available now:


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