Music Therapy Helps Special Needs Children. By Jenny Holt

According to several documented studies, music therapy provides many benefits to children with learning disabilities. Exposure to music helps in building communication capabilities, enhances motor skills coordination and improves the psychological and mental wellbeing of kids with handicap. Music therapy soothes, motivates and facilitates physical movement while serving as a channel to express emotions. It can be applied in different settings such as homes, schools and therapy centres.

Music has also been linked to the performance of students in various aspects. In particular, it is correlated to SAT scores, a series of standardised aptitude tests used in the United States for college/university admissions. Tastes and preferences in music are linked to lower or higher grades. Learners who listen to sophisticated artists have above average scores compared to those who prefer more lowbrow performances. More information on the connection of music with SAT performance is explained in this article.


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