TC Elders -who and what are we?

We are the TC Elders, a group of experienced individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds, who have all worked in Therapeutic Communities (TC) and share a strong belief in the value of the Therapeutic Community experience. We want to provide an online community meeting space for those affected, in whatever way, by the situation in Ukraine, … Read more

Institutional Discrimination in the Early Years by Jane Lane

This is an article was first published in the TCJ in 2010, and is part of our ‘Through back to the TCJ’ series The principles of institutional discrimination apply to all inequalities covered by present legislation, whether based on sex / gender, ethnicity / ‘race’ / culture / language, religion / belief, age, sexual orientation … Read more

What have YOU done? – by Debra Doggett

This month at the Planned Environment Therapy Archives and Special Collections we are recognising Black History Month through a series of social media posts on our Twitter and Facebook feeds (watch this space!). We are also looking at how we can work across the Mulberry Bush to support inclusion work with both staff and children … Read more

Oak Trees and Instagrams by Keith White

On a trip to nearby Epping Forest four of the children with us were delighted to discover Pulpit Oak, probably over four hundred years old, and a boundary marker between the districts of Buckhurst Hill and Loughton.  They clambered over what remained of its gnarled broad trunk and imagined it as a sailing boat, sitting … Read more

Care Leavers and Health CLA – a paper from 2017

It is well known that care leavers experience disproportionately more disadvantage than the general population. And we know in what areas this is likely to manifest itself: education, housing, finance, criminal justice, self-esteem, health etc More often than not there is some acknowledgement of the effects of this disadvantage but very little being done to … Read more

Records Access, Justice and Trauma by Gareth Beynon

The importance of access to one’s own records is increasingly being recognised as significant, and data protection legislation in many jurisdictions has aimed to enshrine this as a right in law. Care experienced people have repeatedly stated that their childhood memories are often fragmented or unclear, and that access to their records can be a … Read more

When it All Comes Together by Keith White

When I was studying at Oxford University there were occasional invitations to make up a college rowing eight.  No previous experience was required: sometimes it was simply a case of getting someone to sit on an empty seat.  There were practice sessions fitted in around other educational or sporting commitments just to ensure that we … Read more