In This Issue: September 2009

Theme of the Month : Social Pedagogy

The big theme for this issue is Social Pedagogy, and in addition to the Editorial, we have a dozen or so articles and a book review on the theme.

Subjects include the current state of Government policy by John Chowcat, introducing social pedagogy to the UK by Abby Ladbroke and the pilot programme by Claire Cameron, a group of six items by Gabriel Eichsteller which give an excellent introduction to some of the main ideas underpinning social pedagogy, with articles on the 3 Ps, the Common Third, the Zone of Proximal Development, the Learning Zone Model and a particular emphasis on the importance of taking risks, as well as a piece on social pedagogy and UK traditions of social work. Bettina Terp writes about the social pedagogy model in Vienna. Valerie Jackson looks back at the impact of pedagogical teaching on early childhood work. Keith White asks what’s so new about it. There is a description of ThemPra. And there’s a Book Review about empowering photography.

But that’s not all: two important items to make you take a new look at things. A radical plan to shake up youth work is advocated by Tony Taylor, while Robert Shaw fundamentally questions the whole basis of social work during the last century.

There are also seven Book Reviews – two by Maureen O’Hagan on Montessori and an EYFS text book on physical development, two by Valerie Jackson on health care and resilience, and three more by Valerie with help from children at Alpha Kindergarten on books for children – Dot and Dash, Before You Sleep and Mister Maker.

Finally, there is an advert for the CCHN Conference on child care ethics, and of course, News Views.

For those interested in networking about social pedagogy, we have a notice about SPIN, and we hope to have more social pedagogy items next month.

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