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Dear Colleagues,

A warm welcome to this edition of IC/TCJ news to all our members and readers who are engaged in the daily lived experience and struggle to meet the needs of traumatised children, young people, adults and families. We have had more than 26,000 visits to the site since the last edition from all over the world – a truly international centre to share practice, training and research.

Our forthcoming events:

  1. Our 2019 Conference: ‘Trauma Informed Practice; what works with children and families?’ Woodbrooke Conference Centre, Birmingham, 24th and 25th September.

We have been busy here at the International Centre, working in partnership with IRCT – The Institute for Recovery from Childhood Trauma and Family for Every Child to bring you current perspectives on TIP (see flyer and booking form here). The two days offer experiential workshops on developing the use of narrative in recovery, alongside presentations on the evidence base for practice.

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  1. The Child Care History Network Day, on June 4th at The Mulberry Bush Third Space, Toddington, Gloucestershire.

An opportunity to join this sub group of the International Centre, to share and record your ‘lived experience’ as child care practitioners, care experienced, policy makers, managers etc. With presentations by David Lane, CBE and John Diamond, CEO, The Mulberry Bush.

Flyer and booking form here

June 1st Edition of the Therapeutic Care Journal

We are pleased to offer another rich edition of the TCJ, bringing you articles about therapeutic work with children, young people, adults and families:

Sean Williams opens with his piecePlay as medicine a moving account of ‘opportunity led work’ with a very traumatised 16 year old girl in his Pupil Referral Unit. This reflective piece really captures the importance of making and being able to tolerate the mess young people can make as a communication about their inner worlds, and the importance of clearing up (containing) mess together as part of the building blocks of a therapeutic relationship.

Colin Maginn, shares a his article The yellow socks theory and evidenced based practice for children in the public care which explains the application of the ‘Pillars of Parenting model’ to raising standards in children’s homes. Jen Galloway brings you an article on ‘The hospital as a therapeutic Institution‘, written by Dr. Tom Main in 1946 – her now regular offering from the Planned Environment Therapy Archive at MB3, Toddington Gloucestershire.

We publish Part 2 of an adapted MA dissertation A foreign correspondent’ by Angus Burnett, about the complex personal and reflective journey required towards defining and establishing leadership, task and organisation in a children’s therapeutic community.

We finish with Keith White’s regular two pieces of closely observed therapeutic work with children, adults and families at Mill Grove. The first ‘seeing the bigger picture’ reflects on role reversal and reminds us that a strong therapeutic relationship requires, where possible, an alliance with family and professionals. His article how to say ‘thank you’’ offers focused observations on giving gifts and communication in therapeutic work.


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